About Us

I created Omdega Press in 1985 to self-publish Re-Educating Myself. Originally I wanted to call my publishing company “Integrity Press.” But when I applied for my ISBN numbers, they asked me, “Are you affiliated with Integrity Press in Columbus, Ohio?” I looked in Books in Print and saw that there were 4 people who called themselves “Integrity,” and many who called themselves “Discovery,” and so on. It seemed that all the interesting English words had already been used. I had to create a new word.

The word that dropped out of my mouth was “Omdega.” It doesn’t mean anything. It comes ahead of all the “Omega”s in an alphabetical listing, and sometimes I have been confused for one and asked for some metaphysical text. When I began publishing the flamenco guitar music of Dennis Jones, I checked a Spanish dictionary to make sure that “Omdega” didn’t mean anything in Spanish. It doesn’t.

If you need any other kind of contact, you can reach me, personally, wherever I might be, via email at bobgeb@omdega.com.

Bob Gebelein