cover_mental-lgThe Mental Environment (Mostly about Mind Pollution) – Bob Gebelein

Human beings as social creatures are immersed in a sea of other people’s thoughts, including all the books that have ever been read. In this mental environment there are inaccuracies, or “mind pollution,” created mainly by social pressures.

This book is a basic introduction to the mental environment and mind pollution — not just the obvious pollution of advertising and political lies, but going deeper than that, into the internalized social influences of family, peers, religion, and education.

cover_reeducating-lgRe-Educating Myself: An introduction to a new civilization – Bob Gebelein

The threat of nuclear annihilation was to me proof of total systems failure, not of the technology, but of the culture that produced it.

Because of this and other major cultural problems, I turned my back on the culture in 1955, at age 21, and set out to design a new civilization.